StopCut 2.0

Protects against NetCut attacks

Secure the data transit between your PC and the Internet service provider, keeping you safe from NetCut spying and hacking attempts.

StopCut 1.7 is a free program that provides secure direct connections to your ISP.
This way, you won´t be affected with spyware or hacking attacks using NetCut.

NetCut is a program that, using the ARP protocol, can interfere the usage of your network, even through routers or switches.

StopCut will prevent anybody to interfere, and being able to record your text and audio conversations in MSN or Yahoo Messengers, the passwords you use or the sites you´ve visited.

During installation, StopCut installs WinPCap 4.0, a packet capture and network monitoring library, needed to run the program. StopCut uses the WinPCap abiltity to capture and ransmit network packets bypassing the protocol stack to achieve a direct secure connection to your ISP.

The installation won´t place a shortcut to access StopCut in the StopCut group. The program is running since you installed it. If you want to access its Window (just to Stop it), you must go through the Start/Run/Browse procedure.

The only available shortcut points to CheckCut 1.4, an added utility which search for users who uses NetCut. This program enables the users to clean their ARP table.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is a free and useful utility to avoid NetCut attacks


  • It would be preferable to have a direct link in the Program´s group
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